Register for the 2018 Tech Cycle Challenge

For CLUB TEAMS entry:

There is one fundraising fee structure for NI Club Team registration. Each club team of five cyclists has been challenged to raise £700 – of which £500 will be raised by the cyclists (just £100 each) and the remaining £200 can come from their club budget. There is just one entry fee structure regardless of club size. Upon registration below, your club will receive an invoice for the £200. The remaining fees should be raised by individuals through just giving pages or cash contributions. The NSPCC team will support set up of this process for the team.

A registration should be made for each team. So if submitting two teams of five cyclists, then you must complete the registration form twice below.


  • Large companies with over 20 staff members
  • Smaller companies with 20 staff members or less

Where a larger company registers a team entry, a CSR entry fee of £1,000 is required per team entry. A lower CSR fee of £500 is applicable for a smaller company of 20 staff or less for each team entered. On submitting a registration, you grant permission to NSPCC to forward an invoice to the primary team contact. Invoices must be paid in advance of the event for participation to be admitted. The minimum fundraising target for each team member is £150 per person, however this is not mandatory.

If you are registering multiple teams you can avail of our 3 for 2 offer where we will waive the registration fee for the 3rd team.

Company Registration


All participants will either be active members of Cycling Ireland or will be required to pay a £5 fee on the day to cover event insurance

Please note that by registering your team you are agreeing to receive an invoice from the NSPCC for your group registration fee.